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This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite NOburnrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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ĤÃŇÃ ŘỖŻẸ - 10 timer siden
I hate you .you are a girl
Kendall Renee
Kendall Renee - 10 timer siden
Nakita’s dog is adorable
Jennifer - 10 timer siden
I’m watching instant influencer all day
baaabbyj - 11 timer siden
14:05 im DYING at bret's face when benny's laughing 👁👄👁
Gionét Sutherland
Gionét Sutherland - 12 timer siden
Nikita and Ashley just connected ,like,instantly:0
Arleth Bautista
Arleth Bautista - 12 timer siden
I like the fact that this is free 😅
Windex - 12 timer siden
benny was trying too hard to funny ngl
simply chocolate
simply chocolate - 12 timer siden
I feel like Louise and the other girl were kind of like.. just there to be there. I feel like he didn't enjoy it and she was just overwhelmed.
Ayva T
Ayva T - 12 timer siden
i love ashley and nikita together lol
becky mcbeck
becky mcbeck - 13 timer siden
im so sorry but i just cannot like benny. like what is a child doing on this show full of talents? benny go drink your milk and got to sleep :(
Kyaira Johnson
Kyaira Johnson - 13 timer siden
14:03 bretman looked so disgusted!!
Althea Da tatertot
Althea Da tatertot - 14 timer siden
Can I just say Nikitas puppy is so Flippin cute.
Manca Ilinčič
Manca Ilinčič - 14 timer siden
Am i actually the only one that likes benny?
Multiuser Account
Multiuser Account - 15 timer siden
What am I watching I thought this was a JoJo vid
Pizza Chan
Pizza Chan - 15 timer siden
Benny is just LOL in just challenge. Kinda cringe XD. He is acting a bit too trendy, but we have all been like that at some point.
amena ahmed
amena ahmed - 15 timer siden
الي شعرها وردي بنت ولة ولد
Ashlyn Krell
Ashlyn Krell - 17 timer siden
I’m not really a fan of Ashley I want Benny or kaitlyn
Heb Inc.
Heb Inc. - 17 timer siden
Aren’t these the same sound effects they use on Hell’s Kitchen?
Peace love Pics
Peace love Pics - 17 timer siden
Hello James,your so amazing and I am not writhing this do do anything for me!i am just telling you are amazing and wonderful.I have been a big fan and I just want you to know be yourself don’t think into what everyone says and just be you!🥰🤪
Maritza Hair and Makeup
Maritza Hair and Makeup - 17 timer siden
Loui yayyyyy!!!!!
Maritza Hair and Makeup
Maritza Hair and Makeup - 17 timer siden
Wow super ❤️❤️❤️
Peace love Pics
Peace love Pics - 17 timer siden
I love this show
lydia stroh
lydia stroh - 17 timer siden
That first scene freaked me out
Alessia Stan
Alessia Stan - 18 timer siden
i get major lesbian vibes from nikita and ashley😌
paul pentony
paul pentony - 18 timer siden
Nuke em
Nasteho Mohamed
Nasteho Mohamed - 19 timer siden
its so annoying that they always talk about the small things when they are the literal mistakes because of the short time
moonxchild -
moonxchild - - 20 timer siden
I'm just happy cause this is free lol
iihxney ii
iihxney ii - 20 timer siden
My friend told me about this show and the first time I watched this I was amazed of how interested I got I normally don’t watch shows like this💖
Eman farooqui
Eman farooqui - 21 time siden
Just pls dont say bad wordsi dont like that
Faria Memon
Faria Memon - 21 time siden
dont ever watch with ur friends its better to watch on alone time
Faria Memon
Faria Memon - 21 time siden
i agree
Abrar - 22 timer siden
I feel soo bad for Gabriel cause he made a smile through the whole time James was talking to him and I could see in his face he’s trying so hard not to cry 😞
Emily Preciado
Emily Preciado - 23 timer siden
when i saw the thumbnail i was like: WAIT IS THAT A D-
laura mcd
laura mcd - 23 timer siden
i know ashley and nicky were so great
Adri Gonzales
Adri Gonzales - 23 timer siden
Robloxgamer _101
Robloxgamer _101 - 23 timer siden
I love this show
Yva Joy
Yva Joy - Dag siden
I really hope Ashley wins and make a bunch more videos with Nikita and maybe Bretman. They’re dynamics just seem to blend perfectly
Destiny Macias
Destiny Macias - Dag siden
Marissa Tucker
Marissa Tucker - Dag siden
Honestly the thumbnail made it look like someone hurt Benny's feelings😂😂 now I understand
Fortnite 211
Fortnite 211 - Dag siden
No not indigo 😤😤😤😭😭😭😭
AJ08 80JA
AJ08 80JA - Dag siden
Am I only the one that new him before was famous
Burt Reynolds Fin
Burt Reynolds Fin - Dag siden
James:the word iconic is overused Also James:say iconic all the time
Tiny _Dinø
Tiny _Dinø - Dag siden
At 19:21 look the girl in the pink hairs eyes 😂
Makena Mowry
Makena Mowry - Dag siden
ashley and nikita! 🤩
alannah cartier
alannah cartier - Dag siden
Ashley and Nikita are sooo iconic and I’m here for it
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
Me: oh yeah hes my favorite- The show: uh yeah no
Mariah’s Life !
Mariah’s Life ! - Dag siden
Mariah’s Life !
Mariah’s Life ! - Dag siden
all the icons . one video .💋
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - Dag siden
OMG! Ashley and Nikita should be best friends. They are like so similar.
Peachy s
Peachy s - Dag siden
this elimination choice made no sense
Lexi 3
Lexi 3 - Dag siden
How r they filming this if it’s qurantine
PercabethFan00 - Dag siden
When I saw Gabriel's editing I Said Oh Crap
Marcella Garcia
Marcella Garcia - Dag siden
abigail brome
abigail brome - Dag siden
i seriously know no one there but the pink head, i can't make out if the person is a man or a woman. btw no hate
Barbara Foster
Barbara Foster - Dag siden
Like what do his mom think about him
Barbara Foster
Barbara Foster - Dag siden
Like he does not act like a boy anymore
Barbara Foster
Barbara Foster - Dag siden
Benny I meant
Barbara Foster
Barbara Foster - Dag siden
I like Beeny but he is to girly
Kfir 9sis9
Kfir 9sis9 - Dag siden
You guys Bretman was Benny's Idol give him a break
Hamster Love25
Hamster Love25 - Dag siden
Benny: I paired them so it was easy for them
James: oh so ur being nice
Benny: yes yes 😊
James: but it’s a competition.
Maya Kelly
Maya Kelly - Dag siden
Ashley honestly smoked this competition
Rachel and Jim Nowakowski
OMG! Ashley and Nikita should be best friends. They are like so similar.
hermonie シboba
hermonie シboba - Dag siden
Me: oh yeah hes my favorite-
The show: uh yeah no
Isabelle Home
Isabelle Home - Dag siden
Am i the only one who is really annoyed by benny?
Vivi's toy house
Vivi's toy house - Dag siden
Who thinks ashley looks really different🤔🤔🤔
Ada Pich
Ada Pich - Dag siden
This i such a great series
mandy - Dag siden
gabriel’s pout is so cute awhh
Gracie Maqueira
Gracie Maqueira - Dag siden
ok but like ngl the ending of katlin’s video was kinda funny soo i mean it wasn’t that bad
Mxrgan’s Glow
Mxrgan’s Glow - Dag siden
-crosses arms- “An instant influencer.” He said with confidence
Gracie Maqueira
Gracie Maqueira - Dag siden
dude i thought james was actually mad in the beginning ngl 😳😂💀
Bianca Contreras
Bianca Contreras - Dag siden
i love how well gabriel took the loss, he knew it was all a gain in the end
Monica Bazan
Monica Bazan - Dag siden
That's why I did not subscribe
music is bae
music is bae - Dag siden
At the beginning when James was acting I was like what did they do have a pizza party and not invite you
brisseth lopez
brisseth lopez - Dag siden
Do you want to say Hola perras or i always say ''estupidas''! CLÁSICO
Sister Saidez
Sister Saidez - Dag siden
This needs to go on YouTube
Positivity Person
Positivity Person - Dag siden
ken atienza
ken atienza - Dag siden
I liked Nikita and Ashley
Idk They kinda relatable
Ava Morton
Ava Morton - Dag siden
I don’t like Benny period.😊
hen ko
hen ko - Dag siden
Damn imagine if Benny reads the comments and all the top comments talk about how they don’t like him and he tries too hard 😞
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia - Dag siden
In the beginning I thought there was gonna be some tea
• R A C H E L •
• R A C H E L • - Dag siden
Why do I think that the guest judge should be Trisha paytas for the compact challenge
hen ko
hen ko - Dag siden
i love how when you where reacting to norris nuts u where so nice even if biggys eyelines sucked
nya 123
nya 123 - Dag siden
benny made the right choice putting nikita and ashley together💅🏽✨💕
Curtis Dances
Curtis Dances - Dag siden
I think Gabriel should have won the first challenge 100%